Our Story

We began four years ago with three developers in a room, attempting to create the next great Python trading algorithm. 

Frustrated with the lack of resources and transparency in the algorithmic trading world, one developer vowed to change the way people learn Python trading. 

The Quant Academy is a promise to give back to the hobbyist, developers, enthusiast, and newcomers to quant trading.

At The Quant Academy, 

we believe code should be...





Growing Our Educational Footprint


Free articles & code guides


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Code is for Everybody

No one should be limited by their access. Enthusiasm and persistence to learn are all it takes.

Let's Start Simple

Unnecessary plugins, downloads, and nuances discourage advancement. We strive to create straightforward and easy learning experience. 

Invest in Yourself

Excellent guides and tutorials don’t have to break the bank. We are committed to keeping resources affordable while maintaining quality.

Clear and Consistent

Gone are the days of half-baked Youtube videos and unclear tutorials. We create resources that seamlessly integrate together

"The Quant Academy aims to deliver high quality, affordable quantitative finance education for everyone"

-Corbin Balzan, Instructor

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